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Marshal Heaters - Products

Household Heaters

Marshall Integral Storage Multifuel Water Heater

Quick, easy, convenient and very economical

A range of heaters from 273 to 1025 litres cater for your family needs, however large. Marshall Heaters ®/Boilers will heat your home and domestic water.

As the heater burns from front to back, the previous coals are burnt on the next firing.

Winter home heating may be achieved by under floor heating or by connecting radiators to the water heater. These may be shut off during summer without affecting your year round hot water supply.

730 litre heater

Marshall Split System/Multifuel Water Heater


No pumps or moving parts required.

The secret to the split system heaters efficiency is in the design. In most fires, 80% of the energy goes up the chimney but in our split system heater nothing is lost. Every part of the flame in the firebox is surrounded by a water jacket and because water will only heat up to boiling point, anything that comes into contact with the outside of the jacket wont get hot enough to catch fire, making this heater perfectly safe.

Make the most of your heating system with a Marshall Split System Multifuel Heater, cylinder and solar panel. With this set-up the heater and solar panel will take care of your hot water requirements all year round. Mains pressure domestic water if required. The solar panel will produce enough energy to heat the hot water during a normal summer. On the odd cloudy overcast day you can light the heater to bring the temperature up to your requirements while also contributing to your hot water during the winter.

As an added bonus with the Marshall Split System Multifuel Heater, you will have plenty of hot water during the winter months. You can use the heater to heat your home via radiators or underfloor heating.


underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating and Radiators

We can supply radiators as a full heating system or combine with underfloor heating. Our radiators have a classic styling that compliments both modern and traditional decors.


Swimming and Spa Pool Heaters

As the proud owners of a swimming pool or spa pool, you will appreciate the opportunity to maximise your investment by extending your swimming season.

Marshall Heaters ® /Boilers make this possible with high performance and low running costs. An average swimming pool takes around 12 to 20 hours to raise the temperature from 14 degrees to around 38 degrees celcius. Similarly a spa pool will take half an hour to raise the temperature from 14 degrees to 38 degrees and around 20 minutes to recover the lost heat the next day.

Dairy Heaters

Dairy Farmers, you can enjoy a continuous supply of hot water in the milking shed this season and save on electric hot water power accounts.

As conscientious farmers know, the only way to guarentee top grades are with spotlessly clean milking machines, lines and vats. Hot water is the surest method and the Marshall Heaters ® are the fastest and most economical means. The Marshall Heater ® /Boiler supplies farmers with endless hot water. You can burn multifuel, diesel or gas at a fraction of the cost of power.

Imagine, NO POWER ACCOUNT FOR THE HOT WATER IN YOUR DAIRY SHED. The Marshall Heater® /Boiler works in a Jetta or Reverse Flow System as required. Whether it be Jetta or Reverse Flow you have hot water left to clean the vat and improve your grades.

Example: The Marshall Heater ®/Boiler heats

730 litres from 14 to 80 degrees Celsius in 1 hour burning diesel.
1623 litres from 14 to 80 degrees Celsius in 2 hours burning diesel.
1205 litres from 14 to 80 degrees Celsius in 2 hours burning solid fuel.
730 litres from 14 to 80 degrees Celsius in 1 hour burning solid fuel.

Save time, save money, increase your profits.


A customer recently purchased a Marshall Integral Storage Water Heater after having on going problems with the hot water supply in their dairy shed.

He had a 2x300 litre electric water cylinder heating the water to 80 degrees. This used to take up to five hours to reach this temperature. His power account for the electric cylinder was $5,200 per month.

After installing the Marshall Integral Storage Water Heater the first initial heating for the 1025 litres to 80 degrees to only 1 hour.

The farmer is currently doing two hot washes a day at 500 litres each wash plus the vat wash as required at 95 degrees. This is taking 40 minutes to recover the heat to 95 degrees each time he uses 500 litres.

At present they are using 20 litres of diesel a day i.e. 31 days at 20 litres = 620 litres of diesel per month.

This has made a considerable cost saving to his hot water account both in dollar terms and in time saving.

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